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Thank you for your continued support and contributions!

This site has been visited 5813407 times since 1/12/1999.

Kurt's taping tips, explanation and purpose of this list,
thoughts on bootlegging, and general recording etiquette...

Dear fellow tapers,

Thanks again to all of you who have helped us update and add to this list over the years. Without your help, it would not exist and would not have grown exponentially as it has over time. BTW, we don't have any "inside" info; all we do is organize the info that you all share with us.

The only ground rule we have for sending us information is that it has to come from your own direct experience and is not mere heresay. If a friend of yours saw a band and noticed a change in their taping policy, please ask that friend to submit the information first hand.

In order to submit NEW or UPDATED information regarding a particular band/group/ artist, you must first Create Account from the menu on the left.


  • The locale field represents the current hometown of a band, not where they grew up or used to live
  • If soundboard access is not listed for a band, you should assume that their policy is to disallow it, even if they occasionally do allow it. See notes field for (possibly) more information.
  • If you see a ? in any field (or see a blank field) and can provided updated information, please do so!
  • Please provide as much information as possible. If a field does not lend itself to the data you would like to provide, leave a note in the Notes field and we will address it during the approval process.